COVID-19 Update

March 17, 2020

Based on the current COVID-19 updates, we are prioritizing the health and well being of our employees. In an effort to do this, we are issuing a social distancing policy and enabling a remote workforce, where possible. In addition to employee safety, we are prioritizing customer satisfaction and business operations.

We’ve tested and implemented our business continuity plans to ensure the same high quality of service our customers and partners have come to associate with ConRes.

Our remote workforce has been enabled in a step by step process. Our Managed Services Group, Integration and Logistics Center, and accredited lab are maintaining normal business operations with staff on-site following updated guidelines. All Professional Services, Account Management and Operations teams have the ability to work remote are doing so as of Tuesday, March 17th.

We are all faced with these unprecedented times and we will continue to work tirelessly to enable our customers with remote workforce capabilities, supply chain updates, and business continuity.

We’ve spent decades bridging the gap between customers and technology solutions. In this time of uncertainty, we want our customers and vendors to know we value them as partners and as individual humans and our commitment to service does not waver.