This Changes Everything.

Introducing complete solutions for one price. Prepare for the future now, before your design needs change.

Save up to $10,000 on full-solution instruments.

Invest in Rohde & Schwarz

Benefit from Rohde & Schwarz’ well-proven quality and German engineering while getting all the bandwidth, channels, inputs, memory interfaces and signal generation you may ever need … at an unrivaled package price.

All the Upgrades Up Front

Gone are the days of keycode upgrades or waiting on your new option, as your design needs change. Now, get solution packages with fully loaded instruments from the start for long-term viability.

Low Pricing

No more adding as you go or being at the mercy of a manufacturer’s “future pricing”. Save as much as $10,000 off of list prices on complete solutions.

Build your Bench

Maximize your bench’s performance for every day applications like EMI debug, power integrity, battery testing, channel power and low speed serial with the following instruments:

  • Oscilloscopes:
    • Performance: Bandwidths up to 1 GHz
    • Channels: Up to 4 analog/16 digital (MSO)
    • Up to 10.1” WXGA Touchscreen Display
    • Sample Rate: Up to 5 Gsample/s
    • Memory: Up to 1 Gsample segmented memory
    • Up to 10-bit ADC
  • Spectrum Analyzers:
    • Frequency Range: 3 GHz
    • DANL: < -165 dBm typ.
    • Phase Noise: < – 103 dBc/Hz, carrier offset 100 kHz
    • Screen Size: 10.1” WXGA
  • Power Supplies & Power Analyzers:
    • Channel count: Up to 4
    • Electrically Equivalent Channels
    • Max Voltage: 4×32 V/channel
    • Max Power: 384 W

Take advantage of this industry first, now through December 31, 2019. See flyer for additional details.

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