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When acquiring pulse generators, should you buy or rent?

Purchasing pulse generators can be a significant investment, and raises a lot of questions. Will the equipment you purchase today still be useful tomorrow, or will it be obsolete within a year or two? Would renting signal generators be a more financially viable alternative? Or would purchasing used pulse generators serve your needs equally well, at a price that lets you save money for other electronic test equipment needs?

The experts at Continental Resources (ConRes) can help you answer these questions and find the equipment you need with prices and financing that work for your budget. As a leading provider of state-of-the-art test equipment to governments, businesses and educational institutions, ConRes can quickly connect you with the products you need at competitive savings.

ConRes offers more options for pulse generators.

When you shop for pulse generators at ConRes, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from. In addition to new equipment, we have an extensive selection of used equipment, including pulse generators, network analyzers and handheld spectrum analyzer.

We also offer flexible financing, enabling you to rent, lease, rent-to-own or purchase the pulse generators you require. Renting test equipment may be preferable if your project is short-term, or if you want to preserve capital for other kinds of expenditures.

The advantages of acquiring pulse generators from ConRes.

When you source your pulse generators from ConRes, you can expect:

  • More choice. We offer a wide selection of pulse generators and other test equipment, including BER tester, oscilloscope and signal analyzer products. Many popular items are held in stock and can be shipped the same day.
  • Lower prices. Our large stock of pulse generators lets us price our products very competitively. We are committed to meeting or beating any advertised or quoted price on new products, and we offer rental and lease rates that are among the lowest in the industry.
  • Better service. We provide fast turnaround on your inquiries, whether you need product information, a quote on pulse generators, information about your order status or help to find unusual test equipment.
  • Expert assistance. Our team of salespeople offers remarkable expertise in a broad range of test equipment, and we can help you identify the most appropriate product for any requirement.
  • Online ordering. You can purchase pulse generators on the ConRes website with just a few clicks of the mouse, and have your test equipment shipped to anywhere within the continental United States overnight.

Learn more about finding pulse generators at ConRes.

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