Wyler Clinotronic Plus 54-635-6010 Electronic Inclinometer

Model Number: WY 546356010
The CLINOTRONIC PLUS provides a measuring capacity of ± 45 degrees or alternatively ± 10 degrees and ± 30 degrees via special order. Four precisely machined exterior reference surfaces assure accuracy and repeatability of measurements in any quadrant. Selected by push-button, any units suitable for inclination measurement may be applied to the display. Even slope indication based on a relative base of selectable length is possible. Simple push-button operation automatically sets absolute as well as relative zero. The RS485 interface allows the connection to other WYLER instruments or directly to a PC using a special cable. The measuring principle is based on a differential capacity measurement of a pendulum providing excellent repetition, hysteresis as well as start-up behaviour. Combined with a complex evaluation algorithm, this forms the base of a high quality handheld tool.


3 lb.

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