Tektronix Serial Data Link Floating License

Manufacturer: Tektronix
Model Number: TEKDPOFL-SDLA64
SDLA Visualizer and DPOJET with simultaneous views of a PCI Express 3.0 acquired signal, signal after compliance channel embedding, CTLE and DFE receiver equalization
Features and benefits
  • Complete Measurement Circuit De-embed Environment
    • Remove reflections, cross-coupling, and loss caused by fixtures, cables, probes allowing visibility of the true circuit behavior
  • Simulation Circuit Embed Tools
    • Embed user defined channel models to simulate the signal at the end of the link without needing physical channels
  • Receiver Equalization Flexibility
    • Open closed eyes caused by channel effects using receiver equalization techniques, such as Continuous Time Linear Equalizer (CTLE), Decision Feedback ( DFE), or Feed Forward (FFE) Equalization
    • Model silicon-specific receiver equalization using IBIS-AMI models to observe on-chip behavior
  • View the signal at locations that can not be physically probed
    • Allows measurements on signals that otherwise have reflections due to non-ideal probe points
  • Advanced Analysis and Modeling Capabilities
    • Flexible modeling including cascading of 4-port S-parameters (differential and single-ended), 2-port S-parameters, TDT Waveforms, RLC Models, loss-less transmission lines, probes, or FIR filters
    • S-parameter and filter scaling to model loss based on a percentage of the actual model
    • "What-If" analysis to evaluate the optimal transmitter settings using flexible insertion/removal of transmitter equalization parameters
    • Twelve test points allow simulated probing where physical probing is not practical
    • View the common mode, differential, or individual inputs of the signal
    • Simultaneously view and measure time-aligned waveforms at multiple test points using integrated DPOJET Jitter and Eye Analysis (opt. DJA) support for real-time scopes
    • Creation of filters for use with JNB02 on the Tektronix DSA8300 Sampling Oscilloscope
    • Automatic measurement of desired test point with JNB for sampling scopes
    • Comprehensive frequency and time domain plots, enable quick verification of S-parameters and test point transfer functions
  • De-embedding the effects of cables, fixtures, and probes for silicon validation
  • Characterization of backplane and embedded system performance using IBIS-AMI CTLE, DFE, or FFE receiver equalization
  • Link budgeting and What-if Analysis with emulation of a range of channels
  • Evaluate Transmitter Equalization (De-emphasis/Pre-emphasis)
  • Reflection removal caused by impedance mismatch for high speed serial buses and DDR
  • Characterize the performance for multi-gigabit standards such as SATA, USB 3.0, SAS 12 Gb/s, PCIe Gen 3, OIF CEI, XFP, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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