Rohde and Schwarz LCX100 and LCX200 LCR Meters up to 10 MHz

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: LCX
R&S has been solving customer challenges in impedance since 2008. The R&S®HM8118 has proven to be a reliable and respected workhorse for impedance measurements used in many applications. We are now further strengthening our impedance offering to ensure that our customers stay at the forefront of impedance measurement technology. Today, we announce the new R&S®LCX family of performance LCR meters which provide advanced measurement capabilities for the LCR needs of our customers.


Measurement functions Measurement time

L,C,R,Z,X,Y,G,B,D,Q,0, ,M.N
15 ms/100 ms/500 ms


10 lb.


The R&S®LCX family of LCR meters consists of the:

  • R&S®LCX100, with a maximum test frequency of 300 kHz, and the
  • R&S®LCX200, providing test frequencies up to 500 kHz, and via keycode options up to 10 MHz.

Fast, accurate and versatile

Both R&S®LCX LCR meter models combine high measurement speed, accuracy and versatile measurement capabilities. This makes them the ideal instruments for standard measurements in development, for material analysis in research as well as for fast production testing. With their broad measurement ranges, they also cover applications with extremely low and high impedances.

For optimal flexibility measurement times and accuracy can be balanced to the customer needs. The basic accuracy for impedance measurements is ±0.05 %, and for phase measurements ±0.03°.

Test signals for all requirements

Test signals can be generated from 10 mV to 10 V and deliver a current of up to 100 mA. The instruments have a selectable output impedance of 100 Ω or 10 Ω. The current actually flowing and the voltage applied are measured using the monitor function.

Measurement functions

In addition to the many different impedance measurements, the two R&S®LCX LCR meters are also able to measure transformers. Resistances with DC voltage can also be measured. The display can show up to four measurement parameters at the same time, and the measurement functions can be selected in pairs.

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