Instek PSW 30-72 Programmable Switching DC Power Supply (Multi-Range)

Manufacturer: GW Instek
Model Number: IK PSW-30-72
The PSW-Series is a single output multi-range programmable switching DC Power Supply covering a power range up to 1080W. This series of products include six models with the combination of 30V,80V and 160V rated voltages and 360W, 720W and 1080W maximum output powers. The multi-range feature allows the flexible and efficient configuration of voltage and current within the rated power range. As the PSW-Series can be connected in series for maximum 2 units or in parallel for maximum 3 units, the capability of connecting multiple PSW units for higher voltage or higher current output provides a broad coverage of applications. With the flexibility of multi-range power utilization and series/parallel connection, the PSW Series significantly reduces the user's investment for various power supply products to accommodate the projects with different power requirements. The adjustable slew rate of the PSW-Series allows user to set for either output voltage or output current a specific rise time at the low to high level transition, and a specific fall time at the high to low level transition. The output on/off delay feature enables the setting of a specific time delay for output on and off. This is especially useful when multiple PSW units are used to generate various outputs with specific on/off time relations.Multi-range programmable switching DC Power Supply. Regulation (CV): Load 0.05% of rating + 5mV Line 0.05% of rating + 3mV Regulation (CC) Load 0.1% of rating + 5mA Line 0.1% of rating + 5mA RIPPLE & NOISE CV p-p 80mV CV rms 11mV CC rms 144mA


PSW 30-72: Voltage Rating: 30V Current Rating: 72 A Output Power: 720W Constant Power Output for Multiple Range (V&I) Operation CV/CC Priority; Particularly Suitable for the Battery and LED Industry Adjustable Slew Rate Series and Parallel Operation (2 units in Series / 3 units in Parallel Maximum) High Efficiency and High Power Density 1/6 Rack Mount Size Design (EIA/JIS Standard) Standard Interface: LAN,USB,Analog Control Interface, Labview Driver Ships with Product: User Manual CD-ROM GTL-123 Test Lead Power Cord GTL-240 USB Cable “L” Type PSW-004 Basic Accessories Kit


26 lb.

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