NBM E-Field Probe EF 5092

Manufacturer: Narda
Model Number: NAREF5092
High power version of high frequency field probe for pulsed signals, radio and satellite communications.The Narda Safety Test Solutions NBM-Series of probes provide Electric or Magnetic and Flat or Shaped response coverage. Detection is performed by diode, thermocouple or compensated diode with thermocouple for the highest accuracy obtainable. There is an internal eeprom in each probe to identify the probe to the meter and provide all calibration and measurement range data.


  • 300 MHz – 50 GHz
  • Flat frequency response
  • Thermocouple sensors
  • True RMS measurement, even with pulsed signals
  • Isotropic characteristic Multi-point calibration
  • Modular, can be used with any NBM basic unit


8 lb.

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