Keysight N9030B PXA Signal Analyzer

Manufacturer: Keysight
Model Number: N9030B-44
The Keysight N9030B PXA is the benchmark for performance that accelerates innovation in demanding applications. With measurement options that range from excellent to exceptional, the PXA puts you in the lead. Analyze the latest signals with up to 510 MHz analysis bandwidth and better than 70 dB SFDR, and reveal previously hidden signals with Noise Floor Extension (NFE). To see your device’s true behavior, get industry-leading phase noise performance by adding the Keysight-proprietary DDS-based LO.


  • Analysis Bandwidth 25 (standard), 40, 85, 160, 255, and 510 MHz.
  • Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) -171 dBm at 2 GHz with preampliier and Noise Floor Extension on.
  • Third-order Intermodulation (TOI) Distortion +23 dBm at 2 GHz.
  • Phase Noise (10 kHz offset) -132 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz; -124 dBc/Hz at 10 GHz.
  • Amplitude Accuracy ±0.19 dB.
  • Spurious-free Dynamic Range (SFDR) -75 dBc nominal over 160 MHz bandwidth.
  • Real-time Bandwidth Up to 510 MHz.
  • Probability of Intercept (POI) Minimal signal duration of 3.517 s for 100% POI and full amplitude accuracy.

OP01 includes: 544 = Frequency range, 3 Hz to 44 GHz. B1X = Analysis bandwidth upgrade, 160 MHz. EA3 = Electronic attenuator, 3.6 GHz. MPB = Microwave preselector bypass. P44 = Preamplifier, 44 GHz. RBE = Resolution bandwidth extended. RTS = Real-time wideband I/Q data streaming. RT2 = Real-time analysis up to maximum available BW, optimum detection, 255 MHz. SSD = Additional removable solid state drive. YAV = Y-axis video output. N9060C-2FP = Spectrum analyzer measurement application. PC6 = Intel i7, CMU 2.30GHz, 16GB. W7X = Windows 7, 64 Bit. DP4 = Digital Processor, 4GB Capture Memory. EP1 = Enhanced Phase Noise (EPO Updated) FS1 = Fast Sweep Capability FSA = 2db Step Attenuator LFE = Low Frequency Extension (3Hz) LNP = Low Noise Path MTU = Multi-touch User Interface NF2 = Noise Floor Extension NUL = IM Nulling PFR = Precision Frequency Reference RTL = Realtime Link for Realtime IQ


75 lb.

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