Keysight N9030A-526 PXA Signal Analyzer

Manufacturer: Keysight
Model Number: N9030A-26
The PXA signal analyzer is the highest-performance member of the X-Series and is the evolutionary replacement for your current performance signal analyzer. It provides frequency coverage up to 50 GHz and ensures present and future flexibility through optional measurement capabilities and hardware expandability. Through external mixing with Agilent or third-party harmonic mixers, the PXA can measure signals to 325 GHz and beyond. The PXA’s advanced performance, flexibility, capability and expandability enable you to address demanding applications in aerospace, defense, commercial communications and more. In addition, the PXA includes extensive remote language compatibility features that make it easier to replace existing Agilent or HP performance spectrum analyzers. As the flagship of the X-Series signal analyzers, the PXA signal analyzer delivers exceptional performance that reduces measurement uncertainty and reveals new levels of signal detail, starting with up to 75 dB spurious-free dynamic range at the 160-MHz analysis bandwidth. Industry-leading specifications include –129 dBc/Hz phase noise (room temperature) at 10 kHz offset (1 GHz), ±0.19 dB absolute amplitude accuracy, and sensitivity of –172 dBm displayed average noise level (DANL) at 2 GHz (with preamplifier and Noise Floor Extension technology). Newly added to the X-Series signal analyzers is Option EDP (enhanced display package), which includes a spectrogram feature for analyzing time-variant signal spectrum.


  • Drive your evolution in the demanding applications of aerospace, defense & commercial communications with 160 MHz analysis bandwidth & industry-leading performance
  • Extend frequency up to 110 GHz with Keysight smart mixers; to THz with others
  • Capture transient or intermittent signals with real-time spectrum analysis
  • Simplify application-specific testing with X-Series apps: phase noise, noise figure, LTE-Advanced, WLAN & more
  • Perform deeper troubleshooting with the 89600 VSA software


70 lb.

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