Keysight N9020A MXA 26 GHz Signal Analyzer

Manufacturer: Keysight
Model Number: KS N9020A-26
The MXA is designed to accelerate the development of new wireless devices for quick delivery to manufacturing and the marketplace. It has the versatility to easily adapt to your evolving test requirements by addressing multiple formats, generations and devices. Real-time spectrum analyzer capability can be added as an upgrade to new and existing MXAs to help you capture and understand the most elusive signals in an increasingly complex signal environment. Coupled with 160 MHz of wideband analysis bandwidth, the MXA allows you to make accurate analysis of next-generation wireless communications and connectivity signals. The N9020A MXA signal analyzer is a member of the X-Series spectrum analyzers, which is an evolutionary approach to signal analysis that spans instrumentation, measurements and software.


70 lb.

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