Keysight N5242A PNA-X 2 Port Microwave Network Analyzer

Manufacturer: Keysight
Model Number: N5242A-2
World´s widest range of single-connection measurement applications. The Keysight PNA-X network analyzer is the world´s most integrated and flexible single-connection microwave test engine for measuring active devices such as amplifiers, mixers, and frequency converters. You can choose from five frequency models to meet your specific device test needs: 8.5 (N5249A) 13.5 (N5241A), 26.5 (N5242A), 43.5 (N5244A), 50 (N5245A), and 67 GHz (N5247A). The PNA-X provides unrivaled configurability with a built-in second source, combiner, and internal signal-routing switches. Replace racks and stacks. Reduce your equipment count by replacing racks and stacks of equipment with the PNA-X. Applications: S-parameters (CW and pulsed), Noise figure, Gain compression, Intermodulation and harmonic distortion, Conversion gain/loss, True-differential stimulus, Millimeter-wave, Nonlinear waveform and X-parameter* characterization, Antenna test


  • 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz
  • 2- or 4-ports with two built-in sources
  • 132 dB system and 130 dB receiver dynamic range, 100,001 points, 200 channels,
  • 15 MHz IF bandwidth High output power (+18 dBm), low harmonics (-60 dBc) and a wide power sweep range (38 dB)
  • Best dynamic accuracy: 0.1 dB compression with +13 dBm input power at the receiver
  • Low noise floor of -114 dBm at 10 Hz IFBW.

OP01 includes: 010 = Time domain capability. 029 = 26.5 GHz corrected noise receiver. 080 = Frequency offset mode. 083 = Vector and scalar calibrated converter measurements. 084 = Embedded LO measurements. 086 = Gain compression application. 087 = Intermodulation distortion measurements. 200 = 26.5GHz 2 Port Bias Configuration. 219 = 2-port with configurable test set, reference mixer switch, source and receiver attenuators, bias tees. 224 = 2nd Source, switches, and combiner for 2-port analyzer.

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