Guardian 1030s AC Hipot Tester

Manufacturer: Quadtech Instruments
Model Number: 1030S-G13
The Guardian 1030S AC/DC/IR/SC Hipot Tester has all of the features of the Guardian1030 plus eight HV Scan Channels for multi-point testing. Quick Discharge: In both the DC hipot and IR tests the device under test is discharged back through the HV transformer. This technique results in a rapid and safe discharge. Ground Continuity Check: All of the Guardian 1000 Series units have a ground continuity check feature to determine that the resistance, between the ground blade of the power cord and any exposed metal on the product, is less than 1 ohm.


  • Eight HV Scan Channels for multi-point testing
  • IR Measurements from 100k to 50G,
  • Voltage: 50 to 1000VDC Measure Real and Total Current Meet UL, CSA, TUV, VDE, CE safety test requirements
  • Compact size and easy to operate
  • Provide reliable and stable test results
  • Built-in resistance compensation function Standard RS-232 interface CE Certified.
  • DC output: Range, 50 V to 6000 V


39 lb.

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