Andrew/CommScope Heliax 29 Piece Tool kit TB-COMP-KIT

TB-COMP-KIT Mfg Number    Description 222951 EASIAX Cable prep Tool, LDF5 207866 EASIAX Cable prep Tool, LDF4 207865 EASIAX Cable prep Tool, FSJ1/FSJ4 224358 Tapered Drift Punch, 3/4" 224361 Cut-Off Guide, 7/32" 224362 Cut-Off Guide, 8/32" 244494 Cut-Off Guide, 9/32" 224380 Pin Depth Gauge for N(m) Connector 224395 Pin Depth Gauge for N(f) Connector 114469 Pin Depth Gauge for DIN(f) 114468 Pin Depth Gauge for DIN(m) 224355 Greasing Bushing 224391 Emery Cloth 224363 Flare Tool, LDF4 224368 Flare Tool, LDF5 224373 Flare Tool, LDF6 224392 Flare Hammer 224393 Flat Hammer Tip 224394 Beveled Hammer Tip 224353 Wire Snips 224360 Pin Alignment Tool 224352 Safety Knife 224377 Soldering Pliers Tool Box w/insert Tool Kit instructions

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