310-010108 Dual Channel CW Test Transmitter

Manufacturer: Praxsym
Model Number: 310-010108
The Praxsym CW Transmitter is a complete, portable continuous wave test source. Used as an input source to test a distributed antenna system, the Praxsym CW Transmitter can provide test signals aiding in the design and optimization of in-building and outdoor networks. The intuitive menu configuration and touch screen display provide a simple to use solution to CW testing. The "Scan Mode" feature aids in the reduction of test times by transmitting multiple output configurations. Data can be collected through the use of a handheld spectrum analyzer. The wide frequency range availability and 6 hour battery life make the Praxsym CW Transmitter a distinctive solution for CW testing. Praxsym also offers the flexibility to design and build equipment to meet specific requirements.

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