Keysight 16903A Logic Analysis System

Manufacturer: Keysight
Model Number: 16903A
The Keysight 16903A logic analysis system provides high-performance, system-level debugging of digital designs. Expandability is the key to the system´s long-term value. Customize this system for your specific needs with innovative probing, high-performance measurement modules, and post-processing analysis tools.


  • Measurement Flexibility (Configuration) 3-slot modular system
  • Mainframe/Measurement Module Compatibility Table Supports timing/state analyzers and pattern generator
  • Measurement Modules PCI expansion slots: 1 full profile, 1 low profile
  • User Interface 12.1 inch color touch screen display, 800 x 600 resolution Intuitive user interface and familiarity of Windows XP
  • Pro Data views: waveform/chart, listing, packet viewer, source code, compare Dedicated hot keys, knobs, keyboard and mouse
  • Connectivity LAN: 10/100 BaseT (optional Gbit LAN) E5860A Gbit LAN Card
  • I/O Ports: Two USB 1.1, parallel, serial, external video, calibration BNC, Clock in BNC
  • Interface to other instruments: Trigger In/Out, Target control port View Scope integrates time-correlated logic analyzer & scope waveforms into single, waveform display View Scope.
  • Built-in 12.1 inch touch screen display. Multi-monitor Support. Multiple Data Views.
  • Windows Desktop Sharing to access the logic analyzer remotely. Analysis API Tool. Trigger In / Trigger Out.
  • Internal CD-RW drive and 80 GB hard drive. 10/100 BaseT LAN. PCI Card Expansion Slots.

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