Keysight 16550A Logic Analyzer

Manufacturer: Keysight
Model Number: 16550A
With the Agilent 16550A module, there is no need to connect special probes to view timing activity. All channels perform either state or timing functions. Set up your analyzer to perform simultaneous, fully time-correlated state analysis on some channels and timing analysis on the rest. The Agilent 16500A is a mainframe of the HP Logic Analysis System. The 16500A/16501A is of modular structure using plug-in cards with a wide range of data acquisition and stimulus capabilities, such as state, timing, oscilloscope, and pattern generator. This allows the user to configure the system with only the necessary modules for a particular application. The 64K deep memory on the Agilent 16550A lets you capture data over many clock cycles while retaining the highest multi-channel accuracy ever in a logic analyzer. Solve your toughest problems with the fastest, most flexible state analysis available. This expansion card requires the Agilent 16550A 16-Channel, 4 GHz Logic Analyzer High-Speed State and Timing Module.


Assign channels to capture state and timing data without moving probes Advanced trigger macros capture elusive problems Capture up to 204, 4M deep channels simultaneously Conserve acquisition memory with transitional timing by storing samples only when data changes Enhance troubleshooting with flexible display modes

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