Keysight 16500C Logic Analysis System Mainframe

Manufacturer: Keysight
Model Number: 16500C
The HP 16500C is the mainframe of the Hewlett-Packard Logic Analysis System. It offers a modular structure for plug-in cards with a wide range of state, timing, oscilloscope, and pattern generator capabilities. This allows you to configure the HP 16500C using only the modules you need, while giving you the flexibility to change or update later.The Keysight/Agilent 16500 Series Logic Analyzers can be configured for your debug, characterization, or pass/fail testing applications. Start with this focused system, then expand it as your group's needs grow and evolve. The 16500's five card slots hold state/timing cards, timing cards, pattern generator cards, and digitizing oscilloscope cards. With the use of these cards together, measurements that could not be made with separate instruments are now possible. Other features include 9" Color touch-screen, pop up windows, and optional mouse, also includes two built-in floppy disc drives.

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