oscilloscope rental

How oscilloscope rental can benefit your equipment budget.

When you need oscilloscopes as part of your test equipment requirements, you may find it more beneficial to rent oscilloscopes than to purchase them.

Oscilloscope rental is especially smart when your projects are short-term or your equipment needs may change as the project progresses. In these cases, renting helps you avoid committing a significant portion of your budget to the purchase of equipment you may not need within weeks or months.

Oscilloscope rental also lets you work with a specific product before you purchase it, for example, “test driving” a handheld oscilloscope before deciding whether it meets your needs.

Another reason to consider oscilloscope rental is that when you rent oscilloscopes, you avoid the inevitable obsolescence that comes with purchased products. With oscilloscope rental, you can always choose to work with the latest and most advanced products rather than being stuck with products where the features and functionality quickly become less than state-of-the-art.

Finally, oscilloscope rental can be a smart cash flow decision, as it costs less to rent oscilloscope products for a few months than to buy an oscilloscope.

ConRes: your oscilloscope rental experts

For oscilloscope rental from a leading provider of test equipment products, contact the helpful experts at Continental Resources (ConRes). As an authorized partner of manufacturers like Keithley, Tektronix, Rohde & Schwarz, Fluke, GW Instek and many others, ConRes offers the industry’s widest selection of oscilloscopes and other test equipment, along with a 50-year history of customer service and financial stability.

Oscilloscope rental at ConRes is quick and easy. We are committed to delivering your test equipment within 24 to 48 hours. Your oscilloscope rental will be fully calibrated in our ISO-registered, NIST-traceable metrology lab, where our experienced technicians calibrate each device to manufacturer specifications to ensure your instrument is fully functional upon delivery.

Oscilloscope rental vs. purchase of used oscilloscopes

ConRes is pleased to offer a variety of flexible financing options. In addition to oscilloscope rental, we also provide new oscilloscopes for sale as well as refurbished oscilloscopes. Purchasing a used oscilloscope offers great value – you acquire a highly functional piece of equipment that delivers the capabilities you need at a price point much lower than new equipment.

Used oscilloscopes also come with a wealth of documentation and user knowledge about the product — online discussion forums are full of tips and tricks about the best way to use a product, as well as information about tweaks and upgrades that can help improve performance.

Learn more about oscilloscope rental from ConRes.

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