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When you rent, lease, or buy test equipment from Continental Resources, Inc. (ConRes), you’re guaranteed high quality, fully calibrated test and measurement equipment every time.  The ConRes metrology lab conforms to stringent standards and is ISO registered. All test and measurement instruments are fully tested and precisely calibrated to meet or exceed manufacturers’ specifications.

Standards Ensure On-Going Quality of Equipment (and Service)

ConRes sets their standards with automated software supplied by the manufacturers. It is essential that a process is in place to verify that software is doing what it is supposed to do; following and checking all parameters of the instruments, ensuring that all specifications are met, and that your test results are equal to manufacturers’ test results.

The general rule of thumb for standards with proper accuracy is a 4:1 ratio, meaning the standards must be 4x as accurate as the piece being calibrated. ConRes sends their standards to the manufacturers to calibrate to their original specifications. The manufacturers supply test data on the actual results and the test data is used as ConRes’ source of traceability.

What Sort of Lab Standards does ConRes Maintain?

Located in the ConRes 45,000 sq. ft., Nashua, NH testing, configuration and logistics facility, the Metrology Lab’s policies and procedures rigorously adhere to the standards specified by ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994.  Also registered to ISO standard 9001:2015, the Lab is inspected every 6 months by an authorized ISO inspection company, UL DQS. This ensures ongoing compliance to ISO standards.  An in-house auditing team continually monitors ISO compliance and conducts internal audits to document adherence to ISO standards.

ConRes has been ISO-registered since 1997 and maintains a regular audit schedule to maximize quality and ensure customer satisfaction.

What Sort of Calibration Standards does ConRes Maintain?

During every calibration, the standards used by ConRes technicians can be traced back to U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) to ensure traceability measurement accuracy. Equipped with state of the art standards and operated by highly skilled technicians, the Metrology Lab provides calibration in accordance with original manufacturer’s specifications, using manufacturer’s procedures.  The goal : to provide you with quality calibration that results in the highest possible test equipment accuracy and reliability.

Maintaining these quality standards results in test equipment that functions at its very best. When you invest in new or refurbished test equipment from ConRes, you can rely not only on the test equipment, but also on quality service and support that meets or exceeds your expectations.

What is a Phase Noise Test Station?

The phase noise test station measures the purity of the signal of a signal generator, which is truly important and measures just one specific part of a calibration. Due to high speed demands of telecommunications, the purity of the signal is extremely important. You can rest assured that the phase noise system is being used properly to ensure that the specifications of the manufacturer are met.

Radio Frequency Bench

shutterstock_253381891The ConRes RF bench station is capable of calibrating test equipment of up to frequencies of 50 GHz. This automated station calibrates via computer controlled systems. Automation not only eliminates human error when making measurements but also documents the test results.

Mid-Frequency Test Bench

ConRes ships a large number of oscilloscopes, so having more than one scope station is crucial. This bench tests scopes and medium spectrum analyzers up to 26.5 GHz.

Oscilloscope Automated Calibration Station

This automated station calibrates a scope in 1-1.5 hours (with full test data), whereas a scope calibration used to take 6-8 hours manually And standard calibration certificates are available at no charge.


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