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Upgrade your bench and spare your budget. Continental Resources sells quality, expertly maintained used equipment. Our own experienced technicians thoroughly test, repair, and validate the accessories on every test instrument – adhering to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards and following the guidelines ANSI/NCSL Z540-1.

  1. Used test equipment ships fully calibrated and is typically backed by a 120-day warranty – in some cases one-year
  2. Most used test instruments ship immediately after order placement. Some items are one-of-a-kind or in short supply.
    (Though we can’t guarantee availability, we may be able to find another one for you)
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This test equipment list is updated weekly.

Check back to see the latest used test equipment and accessories from Keysight, Tektronix/Keithley, Rhode & Schwarz, and many others. Even better: Be one of the first to receive used test equipment updates as gear becomes available.

Used Test Equipment Sale:

Manufacturer/ModelAvail. QtyPrices Start At $ (USD)
Anritsu MW82119A-0190 PIM Master: Option: 190 PCS 1900MHz Version17,500
Anritsu S332E 4 GHz Site Master Cable & Antenna / Spectrum Analyzer w/ Option 2916,000
Beehive Electronics 100C Probe New587
Boonton 4500A RF Peak Power Analyzer13,500
Boonton 4500A RF Peak Power Analyzer14,900
Boonton 4500B RF Peak Power Analyzer115,500
Chroma 10658 Soft Panel Kit for 62000P/62000H1425
Chroma 19032 Electrical Safety Analyzer15,795
Chroma 19032 Electrical Safety Analyzer16,995
Chroma 19055 Hipot Analyzer, 500VA Output, 5kV AC, 6kV DC with GPIB14,995
Chroma 19073 Hipot Analyzer11,500
Chroma 61601 AC Source, 0-300V, 15 to 1kHz, 500VA, 1 Phase11,800
Chroma 62024P-40-120GP Programmable DC Power Supply12,795
Chroma 63123A-120 DC Load Module 70A/120/350W for 631xA4805
Chroma 63640-150-60 DC Load Module, 400W, 150V, 60A31,900
Dranetz Flashreader-USB Flashcard Reader for PC240
Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer Power Quality Analyzer14,000
DRANETZ RR3035A-36 AC Current Probe1300
DRANETZ TR-2501B AC Clamp On Current Probe, 100mA to 1.2A2415
Dranetz-BMI PowerXplorer™ PX553,500
Extech-Flir RE300 Waterproof ExStik® ORP Conductivity Meter169
Fluke AMP-25 True RMS AC/DC Auto-Ranging Mini-Clamp 1 " Maximum 60/300 Amp AC/DC2119
Fluke CFP-MM-ADD MultiMode fiber modules for DSX500014,900
Fluke MMC-50-SCSC 50um Launch Cable SC/SC1125
Fluke MMC-62-SCST MM Launch Cable 62.5 um SC/ST1140
Fluke Networks DTX-MFM2 Fluke Multi-Mode Fiber Module12,500
Fluke NFA-LC Set of Two LC Adapters165
Fluke NFA-ST Set of two SC Adaptors1110
Fluke NFK3 SC/SC Single Mode Launch Fiber1250
Fluke NFK3-DPLX-LC Duplex SM Test Reference Cable175
Fluke2635A Hydra Series II Data Bucket11,400
GW Instek PSW 30-72 Single-Output Programmable Switching DC PS; 0-30V, 0-72A11,100
Instek GPS1850D DC Power Supply, 18V/5A1159
Kaelus iPA-0707A Passive Intermodulation Analyzer116,125
Kaelus iPA-0850A Passive Intermodulation Analyzer17,900
Keithley 2000 6.5 Digit High Performance Multimeter2600
Keithley 2182A 2-Channel Digital Nanovoltmeter12,900
Keithley 2260B-80-27 80V / 27A / 720W Dc Power Supply New12,005
Keithley 2400 SourceMeter®15,145
Keithley 2461 Hi Current Interactive SourceMeter New19,025
Keithley 2700 DMM, Data Acquisition/Data logging System Open Box1799
Keithley 5809 Kelvin Clip Lead Set1123
Keysight Agilent N4903B - 150Mb/s to 12.5Gb/s Hi Perf Serial JBert BERT139,000
Keysight/Agilent 16065A External Bias Fixture11,395
Keysight/Agilent 16089A Kelvin Clip Leads1440
Keysight/Agilent 16863A Logic Analyzer 102 Channels 12.5GHz timing zoom114,700
Keysight/Agilent 34401A Digital Multimeter, 6½ Digit1600
Keysight/Agilent 3458A 8 1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter with Option 00217,995
Keysight/Agilent 34901A 20 CHANNEL MULTIPLEXER CARD FOR 34970A/34972A3350
Keysight/Agilent 34970A Data Acquisition / Data Logger Switch Unit4995
Keysight/Agilent 43961A RF IMPEDANCE TEST KIT12,500
Keysight/Agilent 6612C DC Power Supply 20V/2A/40W1695
Keysight/Agilent 6673A 2000W single output, dc power supply 35V 60A Open Box11,999
Keysight/Agilent 7405A EMC Analyzer 26.5Ghz, with 060-1DR-1DS-B72-A4H-AYQ19,500
Keysight/Agilent 83731B Synthesized Signal Generator, 1 - 20 GHz with 1E114,995
Keysight/Agilent 83732B 10MHz-20GHz Synthesized CW Generator15,500
Keysight/Agilent 8495B Manual Step Attenuator, DC to 18 GHz; 0 to 70 dB with 0011295
Keysight/Agilent 85025B Detector, 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz11,050
Keysight/Agilent 85032F Calibration Kit 30kHz-9GHz Option 5001995
Keysight/Agilent 85131F 3.5 to 3.5 mm flex test port cable set14,000
Keysight/Agilent 85131H Flexible cable, 3.5 mm (f) (test port) to 3.5 mm (m)11,772
Keysight/Agilent 8564EC 30 Hz to 40 GHz Spectrum Analyzer112,800
Keysight/Agilent 8753ES Vector Network Analyzer S-Parameter OP0218,600
Keysight/Agilent 8753ES Vector Network Analyzer S-Parameter, 006. 01018,775
Keysight/Agilent DSOX3034T Oscilloscope, 4-channel, 350 MHz14,995
Keysight/Agilent E3631A 80W Triple Output Power Supply, 6V, 5A & ±25V, 1A1895
Keysight/Agilent E3644A DC Power Supply 20V/8A programmable1695
Keysight/Agilent E4402B ESA-E Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz-3GHz OP0112,995
Keysight/Agilent E4407B ESA-E 26.5 GHz, Portable Spectrum Analyzer OP02110,000
Keysight/Agilent E4411B ESA-L Series Spectrum Analyzers, 1 MHz to 1.5 GHz OP0114,500
Keysight/Agilent E4417A EPM-P Series Dual-Channel Power Meter12,500
Keysight/Agilent E4418B, EPM Series Power Meter1650
Keysight/Agilent E4418B, EPM Series Power Meter with E241950
Keysight/Agilent E4419A EPM Series Dual-Channel Power Meter11,700
Keysight/Agilent E4428C ESG Analog Signal generator, 250kHz-3GHz13,100
Keysight/Agilent E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator, 6GHz OP016212,900
Keysight/Agilent E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator, 6GHz OP017213,500
Keysight/Agilent E5061B ENA Network Analyzer, 5Hz-3GHz 2Ports OPTS01133,100
Keysight/Agilent E7405A 26.5 GHz EMC Spectrum Analyzer114,000
Keysight/Agilent E8257D-540 Analog Signal Generator - 250kHz - 40GHz141,000
Keysight/Agilent E8267D-544 PSG Series Vector Signal Generator OP01187,900
Keysight/Agilent E9300B Pwr Sensor 10MHz-18GHz -30dBm to +44dBm11,200
Keysight/Agilent E9327A Peak and Avg Power Sensor, 50MHz - 18GHz12,750
Keysight/Agilent N3302A ELECTRONIC LOAD MODULE, 0-60V/0-30A, 150W DC11,095
Keysight/Agilent N3303A Electronic Load Module 240V/10A/250W11450
Keysight/Agilent N3304A ELECTRONIC LOAD MODULE, 0-60V/0-60A, 300W, DC11,050
Keysight/Agilent N4000A SNS noise source 10 MHz-18 GHz 6dB with Option 10012,100
Keysight/Agilent N4433A ECal module, 300 kHz to 20 GHz, 3.5 mm (f), 4-port112,500
Keysight/Agilent N4694A-M0F eCal-Module 10MHz-67GHz, 2-Port Option M0F and 00A114,200
Keysight/Agilent N5181A-503 MXG Series Analog Signal Generator OP00414,500
Keysight/Agilent N5183A 20GHz MXG Analog Signal Generator OP03124,900
Keysight/Agilent N5193A 20GHz MXG Analog Signal Generator OP011169,900
Keysight/Agilent N5230A PNA-L Network Analyzer 10MHz-20GHz 4port134,000
Keysight/Agilent N6141A-2TP EMI Measurement App for N90x0A13,480
Keysight/Agilent N8735A DC Power Supply 30V, 110A, 3300W22,100
Keysight/Agilent N9010A-526 EXA Signal Analyzer, 9 kHz - 26.5 GHz OP01117,000
Keysight/Agilent N9010A-526 EXA Signal Analyzer, 9 kHz - 26.5 GHz OP04122,900
Keysight/Agilent N9010B EXA Signal Analyzer, Multi-touch, 10 Hz to 13 GHz OP02124,500
Keysight/Agilent N9010B EXA Signal Analyzer, Multi-touch, 10 Hz to 3 GHz OP03117,750
Keysight/Agilent N9030B PXA Signal Analyzer, Multi-touch up to 50 GHz OP021105,000
Keysight/Agilent N9040B UXA Series Signal Analyzer, up to 26.5 GHz OP02191,000
Keysight/Agilent N9040B UXA Series Signal Analyzer, up to 8GHz OP02180,000
Keysight/Agilent N9051B-2TP Pulse Measurement Software14,000
Keysight/Agilent N9063A-2TP Analog Demodulation Measurement App12,825
Keysight/Agilent N9340B Handheld Spectrum Analyzer 100KHz - 3GHz with PA313,500
Keysight/Agilent N9912A-6 OP02 6GHz Field Fox RF Analyzer114,500
Keysight/Agilent U2044XA USB Peak/Average Pwr Sensor 10MHz-18GHz15,200
NARDA 765A-10 10 dB Attenuator, 50 Watts, DC-5 GHz, N(m/f) Type N1350
NARDA 765A-6 6 dB Attenuator, 50 Watts, DC-5 GHz, N(m/f) Type N1350
Noyes AFL OLS4 Optical Laser Source with ST Connectors21,000
Praxsym 310-010108-008 Dual Band CW Transmitter13,400
Quadtech AC/DC/IR/SC Hipot Tester (Chroma part# = 19053) with G1313,500
Quadtech LR2000 Milliohmmeter 1μΩ - 2MΩ 0.05% Accuracy11,000
RF Industries RFA-4013 DIM (M) to DIN (M) Adapter1350
Rohde & Schwarz B200A CMW Signaling Unit, Universal14,035
Rohde & Schwarz Cable 50 Ohm PC3.5mm(f)-PC3.5mm(m) 24"5400
Rohde & Schwarz CBT Bluetooth Tester with Display OPTS318,580
Rohde & Schwarz CBT Bluetooth Tester with Display OPTS717,000
Rohde & Schwarz CMW270 Wireless Connectivity Tester OPTS0031150,000
Rohde & Schwarz CMW290 Functional Radio Communication Tester OPTS001847,000
Rohde & Schwarz CMW290 Functional Radio Communication Tester OPTS002140,000
Rohde & Schwarz CMW290 Functional Radio Communication Tester OPTS004142,600
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS0017116,200
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS0031116,200
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS003N149,000
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS011135,000
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS012216,200
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS013N15,000
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS013N116,200
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS022N116,200
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS023D116,200
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS025N137,000
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS030N141,000
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS035135,000
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS039116,200
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS056149,500
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS057194,000
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS061160,000
Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester OPTS065168,000
Rohde & Schwarz CMW-B200A CMW Universal Signaling Unit11,400
Rohde & Schwarz CMW-B210 GSM Signaling for B200A1445
Rohde & Schwarz CMW-Z10-Z11/Z13/Z14 Universal RF Shielding Box 6 GHz OPTS114,995
Rohde & Schwarz ESR7 EMI Test Receiver, 9 kHz to 7 GHz OPTS005162,000
Rohde & Schwarz ESW44 EMI Test Receiver, 2 Hz to 44 GHz OP011135,000
Rohde & Schwarz EX-IQ-BOX Bidirectional digital I/Q interface17,900
Rohde & Schwarz FSV40 Signal Analyzer 10Hz to 40GHz OPTS6139,995
Rohde & Schwarz FSW26 Signal and Spectrum Analyzer, 2 Hz - 26.5 GHz OP0101100,730
Rohde & Schwarz FSW26 Signal and Spectrum Analyzer, 2 Hz - 26.5 GHz OP017195,946
Rohde & Schwarz FSW26 Signal and Spectrum Analyzer, 2 Hz - 26.5 GHz OP0211101,147
Rohde & Schwarz FSW26 Signal and Spectrum Analyzer, 2 Hz - 26.5 GHz OP0241101,586
Rohde & Schwarz FSWP8 8GHz Phase Noise Analyzer OP011145,000
Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z41 Three-Path Diode Power Sensor 2.92mm, 40GHz13,500
Rohde & Schwarz NRT-B3 Power Reflection Meter, with B311,400
Rohde & Schwarz NRT-Z14 Directional Power Sensor With Z512,995
Rohde & Schwarz RTE1024 Oscilloscope; 200 MHz, 4 Ch, 5 GS/s15,100
Rohde & Schwarz RTO1014 Digital oscilloscope, 4 channels, 1GHz OPT01110,900
Rohde & Schwarz RTO1024 Digital oscilloscope, 4 channels, 2GHz18,500
Rohde & Schwarz RTO1044 Oscilloscope; 4 GHz, 4 Ch, 20 GS/s119,000
Rohde & Schwarz RT-ZC02.02 AC/DC Current Probe 1000A, DC-20kHz, BNC1426
Rohde & Schwarz RT-ZF2 Test fixture set, 10M/100M/1G/10G-Base-T11,599
Rohde & Schwarz SGT100ASGMA RF Vector Source OPT01213,900
Rohde & Schwarz SMB100A Signal Generator, 1.1GHz with B515,400
Rohde & Schwarz SMBV100A-B106 Vector Signal Generator OP11122,500
Rohde & Schwarz SMBV100A-B106 Vector Signal Generator OP12131,900
Rohde & Schwarz SMBV100A-B106 Vector Signal Generator OP13132,200
Rohde & Schwarz SMBV100A-B106 Vector Signal Generator OP19141,800
Rohde & Schwarz SMW200A Vector Signal Generator, 6 GHz OP09149,995
Rohde & Schwarz ZVA24-4 10MHz-24GHz Vector Network Analyzer 4-port OP04189,000
Rohde & Schwarz ZVL13 Vector Network Analyzer 9 kHz to 13.6 GHz OPTS04129,900
Rohde & Schwarz ZV-Z193-24 Cable, 50 Ohm, PC3.5mm(f) to PC3.5mm(m) - 24 inches9500
Rohde & Schwarz ZV-Z229 Calibration Kit, 2.92mm, 0 Hz - 40 GHz17,400
Rohde & Schwarz ZV-Z52 Calibration Kit with 10 MHz to 24 GHz bandwidth17,000
Rohde & Schwarz ZV-Z93 Precision Flex Cable, 26.5 GHz, 3.5mm(m) to 3.5mm(f), 25"2995
Rohde & Schwarz ZV-Z93-25 Cable 3.5mm(f)/3.5mm(m) DC-26.5GHz, 25" 635mm1500
TDK Lambda Z36-12-U Power Supply 36V, 12A, 432W1620
Tektronix 80C15 Optical Module, 32GHz, single/multi-mode215,900
Tektronix 80E09B Electrical Sampling Module, 60 GHz, 2 CH416,321
Tektronix 80E10B Remote Electrical Sampling Module w/ TDR, Dual Ch., 50 GHz111,500
Tektronix 82A04B-60G Phase Reference Module115,500
Tektronix AC4000 Soft Case for DPO4000 Series Demo2141
Tektronix ACD4000B Soft Case for MSO4000 and DPO3000 Series TekSelect399
Tektronix ADA400A Differential Preamplifier11,095
Tektronix AFG3011C Arbitrary Waveform Generator13,300
Tektronix AFG3052C Arbitrary Waveform Generator12,900
Tektronix AFG3102C Arbitrary Waveform Generator14,500
Tektronix AFG3252C Arbitrary Waveform Generator16,500
Tektronix AWG5014C Arbitrary Waveform Generator 4CH 1.2Gs/s149,000
Tektronix AWG520 Arbitrary Waveform Generator14,250
Tektronix Bert Scope BSA125C, and DPP125C121,000
Tektronix DPO2014B Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope; 100 MHz, 1 GS/s, 4 Ch New12,385
Tektronix DPO4054B Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope, 500 MHz, 4 Ch., 2.5 GS/s17,775
Tektronix DPO4ENET Ethernet Serial Triggering and Analysis Module2848
Tektronix DPO7254C 2.5 GHz - 4 CH Color DPO113,995
Tektronix DPO7354C 3.5 GHz, 4 Channel Color DPO129,900
Tektronix DPOFL-DDRA DDR Memory Analysis Floating License1400
Tektronix DPOFL-PCE3 PCI 3.0 DPOJET Compliance License12,950
Tektronix DPOFL-SDLA64 Serial Data Link Floating License11,000
Tektronix DPOFL-SR-ENET PCI Express 3.0 DPOJET Floating License11,500
Tektronix DPOFL-SR-PCIE PCI Express Serial Analysis Floating Lic1400
Tektronix DPOFL-VET Visual Trigger Floating License11,000
Tektronix DSA8200 Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope17,500
Tektronix DSA8300 Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope132,000
Tektronix MDO3104 1GHz 4CH O'scope with 1GHz Spectrum Analyzer17,750
Tektronix MDO3SA Spectrum Analyzer Upgrade Module31,755
Tektronix MDO3USB USB2.0 Serial Bus Trig/Analysis, MDO30001150
Tektronix MDO4024C 200 MHz Scope with SA6 New113,053
Tektronix MDO4054 Mixed Domain Scope with SA6112,000
Tektronix MDO4054C 500 MHz Scope New114,155
Tektronix MDO4104C Mixed Domain Scope 1GHz 4 CH w/6GHz Spec A.116,900
Tektronix MDO4EMBD Open Box1899
Tektronix MSO5, MSO54 1GHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope New120,140
Tektronix MSO5, MSO56 2 GHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope New130,970
Tektronix MSO5, MSO56 500 MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope New119,950
Tektronix MSO5054B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 500 MHz 4+16 Channels TekEncore19,000
Tektronix MSO5204B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope; 2 GHz, 10-5 GS/s, 4+16 Ch112,900
Tektronix MSO64, 2.5GHz 6-Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope New129,450
Tektronix MSO64,4GHz 6-Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope New138,475
Tektronix MSO70804C with DDRA and PCE3172,500
Tektronix P5200A High V Probe: 50 MHz: 50X/500X1450
Tektronix P5205A High Voltage Differential Probe, 100MHz, 50X/500X, 1.3kV1500
Tektronix P5210A Differential PROBE; 100X/1000X, 50 MHZ11,200
Tektronix P6139B 500 MHz Passive Probe Package of 1014,351
Tektronix P6717 17 channel general purpose logic probe for MSO70000 TekEncore4799
Tektronix P6780 17-Channel Differential Input Logic Probe14,900
Tektronix P67SA08S PCIe3 X8 Slot Interposer Probe14,800
Tektronix P6960 34-channel Single-ended High-density Compression Probe4157
Tektronix P7313SMA 13GHz TekConnect Diff Probe w/SMA Inputs33,828
Tektronix P7513A TriMode Differential Probe, 13 GHz23,650
Tektronix P7520A 20 GHz TriMode Probe, TekConnect116,289
Tektronix P7633 Low Noise TriMode Probe, 33 GHz114,000
Tektronix P7708 8 GHz TriMode Probe16,990
Tektronix PWS4721 DC Power Supply 72V, 1.2A, Programmable2250
Tektronix RSA300 Transit Case for RSA300 New1285
Tektronix RSA300CASE Soft Case for RSA300 New4123
Tektronix RSA507A USB Real Time Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz - 7.5 GHz with 0416,750
Tektronix TAP1500 1.5GHz Active Probe, Single-ended, TekVPI21,250
Tektronix TBS1064 Digital Storage Oscilloscope 60MHz 1GS/s New21,197
Tektronix TBS1072B Digital Storage Oscilloscope 70MHz 1GS/s New1798
Tektronix TBS1104 Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100MHz 1GS/s New21,682
Tektronix TCP0020 AC/DC Current Probe 20A 50MHz, VPI Interface11,516
Tektronix TDP1000 1 GHZ High-voltage Differential Probe12,500
Tektronix TDRCP0300 Current Probe 30MHz 250mA-300A AC BNC11,037
Tektronix TDS2004C Digital Storage Oscilloscope 70MHz 1GS/s1995
Tektronix TF-GBE-BTP GBE test fixture1595
Tektronix TF-XGbT Compliance Test Fixture and Software12,000
Tektronix THDP0100 High Voltage Differential Probe11,750
Tektronix TLA7012-18 Logic Analyzer Mainframe with Touch Screen12,400
Tektronix TPA-N-VPI1368
Tektronix TTR503A USB Vector Network Analyzer 100kHz-3GHz New18,550
Tektronix WFM8300 Waveform Monitor and Analyzer OPTS3133,000


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