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Test and measurement professionals in industries such as aerospace, defense, wireless connectivity and education face plenty of challenges. Getting smart, trusted customer service from their T&M equipment supplier shouldn’t be one of them.

Yet, how many of you have experienced these T&M customer-service disappointments?

  • Sales reps on autopilot, anxious to make a sale without actually listening to and addressing the measurement problems you’re trying to solve?
  • Reps that can’t or don’t offer useful product guidance when your current equipment isn’t accurate enough to measure for new frequencies or tighter specs?
  • Manufacturers that can’t offer price or equipment flexibility when you have a firm (and limited) spending cap?

We offer a different kind of experience. We pride ourselves on identifying and addressing the specific needs of its customers with creative problem solving, flexible pricing options and the deep expertise to understand and deal with complex test and measurement issues.

As T&M requirements continue to evolve, with new frequencies, higher bandwidths, and tighter specs, new designs demand more accurate equipment. And while the need for new equipment increases, budgets often don’t. Busy designers and QA teams can’t always keep up with the latest T&M developments. And that’s where equipment suppliers like ConRes can offer a valuable service.

We’ve pulled together a trio of case studies that describe how we go above and beyond to help customers like you get exactly the T&M equipment you need, when you need it, and at a price that fits your budget. You’ll learn how we help resolve delays and use our long-standing relationships with manufacturers to cut through the red tape and expedite deliveries for our customers.

Let ConRes support your acquisition strategy for test and measurement equipment. Give us a call at 800-937-4688 or email to contact one of our experts.

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You want top-tier technology, but not top-tier pricing. You’re look for a deal, but you’re also looking for reliability. With these two thoughts repeating in your mind, you debate whether or not you should buy aged test equipment.

While there are risks for used equipment, they are completely dwindled by the rewards of purchasing older equipment.


The endless literature available, such as that in our resource library ( or on product pages themselves, can provide anyone from test equipment novices to professionals with the proper uses for everything from oscilloscopes and signal analyzers to anechoic chambers and probes.

Sometimes a good way to think of some older test equipment is by comparing it to wine – age is not necessarily a bad thing. As time goes by, more knowledge on the use of certain test applications emerges, so you will be able to get the most out of your equipment the longer it has been out.

Community Support

Another great advantage older models have over newer models is that other users like yourself are well-versed in the ins-and-outs of the product. Specialized forums (such as this Tektronix one) give everyone the opportunity to solve problems, to chat with test equipment professionals and manufacturer reps, and to really get a better understanding of their product.

The longer a product has been out, the more in-depth the forum discussion will be. Consequently, you’ll be able to get started on your product faster and with less trouble. Buying tried and true equipment in some cases will give you the knowledge base to use your equipment’s full potential right off the bat, while new equipment will have a learning curve. Tips and tricks will be at your fingertips, while brand new products can have slight tweaks and upgrades that take time for other users to work on to yield the best results from their machine.

So what are your thoughts/experiences with using older equipment? Comment below and let us know what you think! And remember to share this blog with your followers using our social sidebar on the left as well!

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Technology’s effects are far-reaching. Organizations who strive for change and fight hard to gain or maintain a competitive edge. Businesses do this through frequent audits of company operations, in which they seek to maximize worker effectiveness and maintain peak performance goals. Trade tools and other assets can be an important part of helping organizations maintains these goals. In this case, we’ll focus on instruments used for testing by an engineer. In what ways is technology changing testing instruments?

According to a study of the test equipment industry done by KPMG, the test and measurement industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 7.4% through 2017. This projected figure shows healthy growth for this industry. Another statistic points out that expenditures in global R&D are also expected to rise by 1.8%. Many organizations feel the pinch of tightening budgets which limits their access to preferred gear. As a result engineering teams and R&D departments are very receptive to instrument rentals and leasing instead of permanent ownership. For-profit entities are also emphasizing maximum efficiency and cutting costs. (Corbett, Groh)

People expect their technology to do more and more. This, in turn, makes the electrical components of new products even more complex requiring extensive testing and troubleshooting. Newly released products must now pass tighter testing regulations, be available to the public more quickly, and exhibit top quality. More complex instruments are needed to adhere to these new standards while also being mindful of budget constraints, those seeking temporary ownership, and long utility life of the instrument.

Test equipment providers are aware of this issue and try to offer solutions to honor the calls of engineers to stay within budget and maintain peak performance. Companies such as Tektronix have launched product series such as the MDO3000. This model specifically focuses on pushing multiple machines such as spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, arbitrary function generators, and many others into a single machine for a reasonable price.

Test instruments in the past often did not update their capabilities frequently. Today, instruments are often now sold with the capability to update/upgrade the instrument’s capability and software. Much like a computer, instruments can be updated with new drivers, components, and adaptors to accept most probes on the market. Such inclusions ensure these instruments stay on the benches of engineers longer, catering to those who want their equipment to be more lasting.

With the rapid changes in technology, and the rapid changes in test equipment gear, it makes more sense than ever to rent/lease test equipment, especially if that gear will be used on a specific project. It all depends upon your organization’s ROI, CAPex and OPex philosophy: in some cases it may make sense to purchase low-cost new or refurbished gear; in other cases to rent or lease.

If you have any question on available instrument rental, leasing, and other acquisition options contact ConRes by emailing or call us anytime at 800-937-4688.

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